Allan – Glasgow

When I first met Nicola Balmain, my symptoms were terrible and had built up after a number of years in a very stressful job, driving 1500 – 2000 miles per week, living in hotels Monday to Friday and then finally the devastation of the death of my daughter.
My body pain was excruciating, headaches, short tempered, lack of sleep, bad appetite, poor bowel function, generally I was a mess from head to toe. I was frustrated by Doctors who simply were unable to treat me through their traditional ignorance.
The progress I made whilst visiting Nici was outstanding, she is truly an exceptional therapist. As a male initially I felt uncomfortable but she soon relaxed me and made me feel very comfortable. Her attention to detail is a great credit to the training and continuity which she has obviously undertaken. I felt like I was being treated by a person, a person who actually cared about me and not just the fee. The work Nici did released the tension in my body relieving my headaches, this was the first significant improvement. My muscles started to unwind from my neck down to my big toes, and I started sleeping again. The feeling of wellbeing started to return to me, if you have ever lost your feeling of life and security of self, then you will realise just how exhilarating it is to have it returned.

I could go on for pages and pages, Nici literally saved my life, and I will never be able repay that personal service which cared for me when my world collapsed.

Thanks, with all of my heart.

Gavin Cameron, Glasgow

I've had my fair share of massages over the years and there's no question Nici is the best therapist I've ever had.
She combines an unrivalled knowledge with wonderful firm-but-focussed technique and never fails to pinpoint precisely what the problem is. All the while with a smile on her face.
I sleep better and my posture has improved no end thanks to Nici's work. I'd even call her a miracle worker if it wouldn't embarrass her too much.

Gary Jackson Managing Director TClarke Scotland Ltd

I have received truly professional and motivational help from Nici to overcome problems with my neck, back , posture and general well being. Her personable support and positiveness have truly taken not only my physical well being to the levels it should be ,but her knowledge of medical and fitness definitely crystallises her truly unique service in Scotland.

John J - Senior MMA Coach

I can thoroughly recommend Nici Balmain as a sports massage therapist.  Having suffered with a serious neck injury during a Martial Arts Competition many years ago, I unsuccessfully tried many therapists and treatments to ease the discomfort with no real results.  I tried Nici a few months ago and from the very first session I felt a difference in my neck.  Since then I have experienced a rapid decrease in the pain and have also had my back worked on with great success also.  Nici takes the time to make you feel at ease and the results speak for themselves regarding her skill and I have recommended her to my students and friends for any work they may need done.

Matthew J - Glasgow

I first started using Nici 18 months ago to help me through some long term injuries that had kept me out of action. After all the sports massage therapists I have used over the years I can say with absolute certainty that she is the most knowledgeable, diligent, personable and trustworthy professional I know. Seeing Nici regularly for deep tissue massage enables me to push my body to its physical limits. I would have no hesitation recommending her to anyone who requires such a service.